About Us

Program Description

Circle of Friends Adult Day Services provides a safe and secure setting to serves the social needs of participants with a wide range of needs and cognitive, developmental or physical disabilities. Our goal is to create programming that maximizes the functional levels of the participants. Services are tailored to provide functionally impaired adults with an individualized and coordinated set of services including health services, social services, and nutritional services that are directed at promoting independence and improving quality of life. 

We emphasize services that enhance daily life for both the participant and the caregiver. Activities designed for participant participation will take into consideration individual differences in health and functioning, lifestyle, ethnicity, religious affiliation, values, experiences, needs, interests, abilities, and skills. 


  • Participants can choose to participate in programming from one to five days per week, Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  

  •  Participants can choose from full day, 6-hour day programming  or half day, 3-hour day programming.  

  •  Programming includes supervision,  lunch, and snack .